LGBTQ Coming Out Story

Teen Coming Out Stories: 3 Parents and 3 Teenagers

What’s it like to come out as an LGBT teen? We caught up with parents and teenagers to hear their teen coming out stories. lgbtq teens

Coming Out as a LGBT Teen

Should you come out as a LGBT teen? Whom might you tell, and how? Erin Oliveri started to realize she was a lesbian when she was about 13. “We’d be playing kissing games at parties and I didn’t want to kiss any of the guys,” she says. Read More Here.

What to do when your child comes out as LGBTQ

Jordan Montgomery came out as gay when he was 13 years old. He and his mom open up and share the best possible response.  USA TODAY



Coming Out

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Queer young adult fiction grows beyond the coming out story

Queer young adult fiction grows beyond the coming out story.  Recent years have produced romances, adventures, and other genre fiction where characters just happen to be LGBTQ.

Coming Out Guide Story Lgbtq teens

Coming Out Guide Story

LGBTQ Teens Coming Out Story


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